Royal Air Force Bempton



The 2002 reunion took place on Thursday 25th July and was a definate success, we even managed to get coverage from the BBC 'Look North' team who transmitted our story that same evening. (This meant frantic phone calls to Sister, Daughter, near neighbours and friends and has resulted in several copies of the few seconds coverage that we finally finished up with).

We initially met at lunch time at The White Horse, Bempton, where the landlord Robert served up an excellent meal (despite Kirsty Mitchell of BBC Look North transporting half of our retinue up to Top Site for filming). In the evening our event, was held on camp in the Old Airmen's Mess where a bar and buffet were made available by the campsite owners Sue and Mick.

There was NO dancing but it was made up for by the drinking and masses of conversation "Do you remember............?" Also a touching moment when Norah (who was postmistress in 1954) was presented by Jim Dunne (as senior man) with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate her 100th Birthday (picture above: Tom Mayfield, Jim Dunne, Norman Down, Kathy Wolstenholme and George Hepworth with Norah)

Sadly Norah died in 2005

It was absolutely wonderful to meet up with people who I, certainly, had not seen for close on 50 years, we all looked older, but the esprit de corps was still very much in evidence.

Some of the people who attended included:- Terry Goodaire; Geoff Miskelly; Len Sharp; Dave Wright; Albert Bowtell; Gordon Brunton; John Compston; Ray Young; Geoff Grimshaw; Garry Kassapian; Dickie Harrap; Jim Dunne; Dave Prudames; Derek O'Brien; Harry Gamble; Cyril Annis; Ken Godfrey; John Beacock; Mike Blanchard; Frank Kelly; Gordon Hodson; Neil Pickles; Reg Drew; Harry Scott; Harry Pennington; Brian Walker (Grange Farm); Kathy Wolstenholme (nee Gardiner) - plus, of course, many wives, and anyone who didn't get on to my list!!!

Albert Bowtell talks to Gary Kassapian whilst George Hepworth looks on

Photo by Simon Kench (Bridlington Free Press).

A Reunion was held in 2004 which was an unqualified sucess and further reunion are planned for the future.

Reunion 2008 -Thursday 20th July

following a reunion at the White Horse, several members went on a visit to RAF Holmpton, thoroughly enjoying themselves



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